Called In-Dey-Go and ordered your fundraising package

Received your information package (order taker brochures, etc.) from In-Dey-Go

Set your timeline for fundraising

  • Plan for 1–2 weeks for delivery after you submit the order
  • Selling date range (10-14 days and over 2 weekends is best)
  • Submit order date
  • Predicted delivery date, time and location

Set your Goals

  • Amount needed to raise
  • Determined the number of units each participant will need to sell in order to meet your financial goal (s)

Created a fundraising plan

  • Created your fundraising letter that explains your group’s goals and what you are fundraising for, along with how many units each participant is required to sell
  • How do you plan on using social media, Facebook, Twitter or both? Will you create a group event page on Facebook and have your group invite people to participate? Will you post on various Facebook page sites to spread the word of your fundraising campaign?
  • Decided upon the best method of communication so that the coordinator can notify sellers of any changes, and of the details for the delivery date. Options are usually phone, email, group/team websites or in person at a meeting or practice.

Distributed the participants’ packages and included the items below:

  • The Cover Letter that includes your group’s fundraising goals and a brief description of what you are fundraising for. It should also include the number of units each participant is required to sell to ensure that your groups fundraising goal is achieved.
  • Order forms
  • Email, Social media template and online store details
  • Your contact information

Reminded the seller(s) of approaching deadline submit to order one week prior to fundraising end date) (via email, Facebook etc.

Collected order forms.

Calculated total order (total of brochures sales and online store total if necessary).

Submitted order online.

Received order confirmation.

Received packing slip, confirmed #’s are correct, sent email to In-Dey-Go confirming order.

Took money collected from the fundraiser to bank.

Paid invoice owing to In-Dey-Go

Organized volunteers for delivery date.

Notified seller(s) of the details for the date they will be picking up their orders (allowed 20–30 minutes to sort through the order before allowing seller(s) to pick up their orders).

Called the delivery company the morning of the expected delivery date to determine a window of time for delivery.

Notified volunteers of the approximate time of delivery.

Sorted orders.

Distributed orders.

Sent out a follow-up email thanking everyone for participating and helping your group raise funds, including the amount raised and whether it met or exceeded your goals.

Delivery Day Guidelines

  • Have 3 to 4 volunteers ready to help out with sorting. You will also need to have the order sheets and packing slip/shipping information with you. If you are going to have extras, put up a sign letting people know what you have left for sale.
  • When your delivery arrives, count your items before signing the driver’s waybill. Make sure the numbers match what is on your packing slip/shipping information document and that none of the cases are damaged. If there are discrepancies in the numbers, make sure the driver writes the difference/damage on the waybill before signing. You will be responsible for any discrepancies if you do not note them on the driver’s waybill.
  • Before starting to hand out the product (s) make sure that your packing slip matches what was delivered in regard to boxes ordered per flavour. If there are any discrepancies at this point, please call us immediately to let us know (1-877-463-3946).
  • Sort the flavours in separate stacks leaving space between the flavours. It is best to arrange them in the same order that is on the order form.
  • When handing out the products, have only the selected volunteers do the picking and sorting of the orders.

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